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Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet
Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet
Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet
Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet
Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet
Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet

Our important guide to raising a puppy in a healthy and safe way.


  • Covers 8 weeks to 2 years old
  • 11” x 8.5”
  • 16 pages
  • Full color print

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Amazon offer a Kindle Edition of the booklet which can be found at the following page:

Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet

Product Description

The Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet is an important guide to raising a puppy in a healthy and safe way.

If every puppy owner would read and follow these guidelines, a huge number of behavioral issues and fractures could be avoided!

This second edition includes new information about exercise and hip dysplasia.

Indispensable for new puppy owners, and great wisdom and guidance too for breeders to pass along in puppy packages.

Includes recommendations for the following activities

  • Sustained and Continuous Walking

  • Sniff ‘ N Stroll

  • Noodling and Kibble Trails

  • Running

  • Jumping and Impact Activities

  • Swimming

  • Chasing

  • Tugging

  • Fast Turns

  • Free Play with Other Dogs

Have you seen our Puppy Culture Exercise Poster?

The Age Appropriate Exercise Poster partners our Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet.

It’s a great way for Puppy breeders and owners to present all the exercise guidelines found in the Booklet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Exercise book

Love the knowledge in these books. I breed large breed dogs send home with every puppy.

Sharon hall
Fantastic system

I not only love using the puppy culture system with our puppies which has definitely led to us getting great feedback about our confident resilient puppies but I also love the appropriate puppy exercise booklet and include this in all of our puppy packs now to help new owners realise what they can and can’t do with their pups. I have also shared the link on our Facebook page for anyone that has puppies that wants to read it as I think it’s so super important that people don’t overdo it when their babies are young. Very proud to be part of the puppy culture community and very much appreciate the high-quality information and products.

Renee Hoffman
Puppy Culture is Phenomenal

The exercise booklet is clearly written. The entire Puppy Culture Program is a positive reinforcement program that will help your puppy become a well-behaved confident adult dog. Having been a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence and Guide Dogs for the Blind, I understand the importance of good breeding and age appropriate puppy exposure to learning and experiencing different environments and experiences. I would recommend the Puppy Culture Program to dog breeders and puppy adopters.

Nancy Williams
All the info you need in one booklet

All the puppy activities broken down by age, page by page. Fabulous.

Victoria G. - PNW K9 HomeSchool - Love Living with Your Dog!
Puppy Fitness that Fits the Puppy

This is an amazing well written book, as is the spay and neuter one from Puppy Culture. I am not a puppy breeder but a certified professional dog trainer and ALL of my puppy clients get this booklet to set their puppy up right from the beginning on a life of health and proper fitness. I am around puppies all the time in my line of work and highly recommend my clients look for dogs that have been started with PC and even have friends who are now raising rescue mamas litters with PC so they get the best start they possibly can have. This book is a MUST for anyone with a dog under 24 months or a gift to anyone who is getting a dog. Puppy Culture is a 10 star rating as far as I am concerned - it's a non negotiable for all puppies.