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Full Power of Puppy Culture for Breeders

This bundle is a total immersion in all things Puppy Culture!

Includes every university course, film, and book in our other breeder bundles (excluding show titles), plus two more films, our bestselling training book, our amazing swag bag, and our popular exercise poster.

Are you the kind of person who wants to know EVERYTHING and always wants to jump in with both feet? Then this bundle is for you!


  • 2 x Online courses, including "From Newborn to New Home"
  • 5 x Films, including Puppy Culture: The Original Film
  • The Puppy Culture Workbook
  • Charts and Worksheets pack
  • When Pigs Fly (physical book)
  • 8 x Puppy Fitness (physical booklet)
  • Spay/Neuter booklet (physical booklet)
  • Puppy Culture Tote bag
  • Age Appropriate Exercise poster
  • 2 x Puppy Culture Clickers and Wrist Coils

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This bundle is a total immersion in all things Puppy Culture!

This bundle includes every Puppy Culture title (excluding show training titles), plus two Madcap University courses. Total immersion in all things Puppy Culture!

Are you the kind of person who wants to know EVERYTHING and always wants to jump in with both feet? Then this bundle is for you!

Courses (online only)

The From Newborn to New Home breeder course is a day by day delve into the husbandry side of raising a litter – from troubleshooting neonate problems to whelping box flooring to weaning. You will also get more granular details about the Puppy Culture program and how to execute it.     

And we’ve thrown in a copy of our puppy owner course for FREE! From transporting a new puppy home to setting up a routine to crate and house training, it’s everything the new puppy owner needs to know.

Films (streaming or DVD)

Puppy Culture - the original film that started it all! From early neurological stimulation to aggression prevention, to potty training, manding, and leash walking, it's all here! Learn from top veterinary behaviorists, breeders, and dog trainers - scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies!

Shaping Emotional Responses explains how to create good emotional responses to things that might otherwise be scary or annoying to puppies.

Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors lays down solid foundations for attention and focus in the face of overwhelming environments…a must for show puppies!

The Puppy Party video delves into the details of running a good puppy party.

The Scent Games video includes valuable activities to enhance your puppies’ scenting abilities while teaching them to problem solve and manage frustration levels for themselves.

Books (physical only)

The Puppy Culture Workbook is a companion to the original film and ties it all together! It’s a weekly nuts and bolts timeline and organizer of what to do when, based on the development of YOUR puppies.

Our bestselling exercise and spay neuter booklets will educate and guide you and your puppy owners on these important topics.

When Pigs Fly: Training Success With Impossible Dogs is our classic bestseller and a true bible of dog training. Don’t be deceived by the name, When Pigs Fly is the best way to train ANY dog!


Our Exercise Poster give you and your puppy owners an attractive “at a glance” reference for appropriate exercise by age.

You’ll be stylin’ with our gorgeous and function swag bag in a fun selection of colors.

Get those puppies powered up with these beautiful Puppy Culture Clickers and Wrist Coils!

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Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet

Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet x8

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Puppy Culture Clicker

Puppy Culture Clicker x2

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Wrist Coil

Puppy Culture Wrist Coil x2

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Kim Brandsma
Original Puppy Culture video

This is a fantastic tool for breeders. Easy to understand. Broken down into short segments for easy absorption.

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