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With Open Arms and a Level Head

From transporting your puppy home through crate and house training, this online course will give you a solid plan for bringing a new puppy into your life!


  • 8 hours 30 mins video duration

  • Instructor: Jane Messineo Lindquist

  • Full lifetime access

  • 52 video lessons

  • Including 7 excerpts from Puppy Culture

  • Certificate of completion

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Training Preview Videos

Course Overview

You’re excited about getting a puppy, and we’re excited to be part of welcoming your new baby into your life!

You might be feeling a touch of jitters along with your excitement, but we’re here to tell you that everything’s going to be OK. We’ve raised scores of puppies and it’s fun, easy, and sometimes even inspiring. All you need is a little more knowledge along with a solid plan, and that’s what exactly what you’ll take away from this course.

In this course, you’ll follow along at home as Jane and her crack team of demo puppies lay out a complete puppy plan for you!

Total running time 8 hours 30 minutes

What You'll Learn

  • Transporting your puppy home

  • Socialization and essential training

  • Establishing good routines and training priorities

  • Self-regulation - how to teach it and why it’s the solution to all of your “problems” with your puppy

  • BITING! Why they do it, how to stop it

  • Puppy Culture’s house and crate training system

Course Syllabus

22 Units | 52 Lessons | 8hrs 30m total


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Class Documents


Why You Need This Course


Priorities in the First Two Weeks with Your Puppy


Exercise 1: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About People


Exercise 2: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About Novelty


Exercise 3: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About Possessions


Exercise 4: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About Confinement and His Crate


Exercise 5: Learning if Your Puppy Has the Key Skills He Needs


Motivating Your Puppy


Transporting Your Puppy Home and Your First Few Nights Together


Class One: Student Documents and Reading


Puppy Culture Excerpts and Resource Videos


Structuring Your Puppy's Day


Class Two: Student Documents and Reading


Homework Review


Control Yourself! Teaching Self-Regulation and What to Do About Puppy Biting


Class Three: Student Documents and Reading


Homework Review


The Puppy Culture House and Crate Training System


Class Four: Student Documents and Reading


Homework Review


Certificate of Completion

With Open Arms Course Next Steps

This bundle is the path forward after (or with) our “With Open Arms” puppy owner’s course.

Includes our best-selling training manual, When Pigs Fly, and our classic instruction video on how to get your dog’s attention anywhere, anytime, plus our exercise and spay neuter booklets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Helen Mackeson-Smith
Confidence Booster

Such great prep for watching in the weeks before our puppy arrives! Feeling much better prepared as a result.


With Open Arms and a Level Head

Bill Astle
With open arms and a level head

Great course. learned so much. Not my first Aussie wish I had this info 16 years ago. This time Possum is learning so much better using this method. Thanks!!!!

Brenda johansson
With Open Arms and a Level Head

This not my first (puppy) rodeo and I'm happy to sy that I am learning plenty with this class. Online learning principles are being followed and I am enjoying myself immensely!

Too much talking about training techniques and not enough actual training

Too much talking , get on overload and start blocking out the talking, more actual trading techniques should be shown

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