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Attention Is the Mother of All Behaviors
Attention Is the Mother of All Behaviors
Attention Is the Mother of All Behaviors
Attention Is the Mother of All Behaviors

Attention Is the Mother of All Behaviors

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How to take all the distractions in the world and turn them into fuel for attention from your dog. The results will astound you!


  • 99 mins

  • 2 episode series

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Film Overview

What if there were a way to actually have your puppy perform better in distracting situations?

What if you could take all the distractions in the world and turn them into fuel for attention from your puppy?

Well, this video will show you how to do it.

In this two episode series, we show you how to teach your puppies (or adult dogs) that distractions are cues for attention - the results will astound you!

While the lessons in the video are demonstrated by very young puppies, the protocols are perfect for dogs of all ages!

In part one of this video, our nine week old puppies demonstrate how to teach the two core concepts that attention is a behavior, and that distractions are cues for attention.

In part two, filmed one week later, the puppies demonstrate advanced distraction work and specialized distraction exercises for different venues, including switching between “show” and “obedience” modes, and foundation for attention heeling.

Two episodes included - 99 minutes.
Originally broadcast live.

What You'll Learn

  • Teaching the Two Core Concepts

    - Attention is a Behaviour

    - Distractions are Cues for Attention

  • Demonstrating Advanced Distraction Work

  • Specialized Distraction Exercises for Different Venues

    - Switching between “show” and “obedience” mode

    - Foundation for attention heeling

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ben M
Worth It!

Excellent program. Thought I knew this stuff really well and still learned some great tips and tricks. A bit expensive for the duration of the course and amount of content but well worth it in my instance.

stephanie keener
Puppy culture rocks

In line with everything I know about training. Love her simple, direct style. Makes it easy to follow and replicate. Thank you!

Lauren Powell
Amazing video

She does such a great job explaining

Vikki Sevitt
brilliant, clear and concise

The instructions were so clear and it filled me with such motivation to work with my new puppy for 'attention as a behaviour'. The concepts are brilliant. Thank you

Lisa Benshoff

I'm a professional trainer and learned a few details I've been missing that will improve my training.
Really enjoy these puppy videos. Do more!