What are people saying about Puppy Culture?

I’ve watched every minute of it, and highly recommend it. I’d get and watch it whether you will ever raise, or even get, a puppy yourself… The production values are off the charts, watching the puppies grow and develop is beyond charming, and Jane includes interviews with a variety of experts. Well done… Puppy Culture sets the gold standard for responsible breeders, and illustrates why good, responsible breeders should be celebrated, not castigated.

Dr. Patricia McConnell

Adjunct Professor of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Author of “The Other End Of The Leash” and “For The Love Of a Dog"

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This reviewer has reviewed books, movies, CDs and DVDs, primarily on canine topics, for more than 10 years: Puppy Culture is the most difficult assignment I have had, simply because it is so incredible!

Skye Anderson

Dog Evals

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...[a] rare opportunity to share something that can change the world.

Carolyn Lincoln, DVM

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

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...there has been a real shortage of science-based, best-practices information for anyone (reputable breeder, rescue, and foster) caring for a litter of puppies from before birth until they go to their new homes. [Puppy Culture is] a wonderful production that will provide tremendous benefit to dogs and their humans.

Cindy Bennett Martin

Certified Training Partner, Karen Pryor Academy and member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Puppy Culture is a wonderful resource for understanding puppy behavior and the importance of the birth - 12 weeks phase of life. The material is clearly presented and makes so much sense. We wish we had this information with our first dog: although she was wonderful and we loved her dearly, our lives together would have been easier and more enjoyable had we known and employed this information. We just welcomed 2 Australian Shepherd puppies into our family; their breeder follows the Puppy Culture program. The difference is very evident. At 8 weeks these puppies are well on their way to good basic obedience skills and are well socialized. We have watched (and re-watched) the Puppy Culture DVDs so that we may continue the good work the breeder has started. We highly recommend this DVD series!



Every breeder & puppy buyer (even older dogs) will benefit from these DVDs! Awesome information on raising puppies, behavior, clicker training, & socialization.

R. Broden


If I could give Puppy Culture 10 stars I would. This DVD set gives breeders, and rescues, and fosters, an absolutely amazing array of indispensable information for raising puppies from birth to through 12 weeks. As a breeder of more than two decades I found gems in every section. I learned when to use, and when to avoid, early neurological stimulation for the greatest benefit of my puppies. I learned when to expose puppies to certain noises, and when to avoid this, in order to build resilience in the adult dog. I learned to balance socialization needs and vaccination safety. I learned, and learned, and learned some more...

Oh, and if all that wasn't enough, the DVD set is well organized so you can find "that one thing" you were looking for so easily, it's beautifully produced, the narration is easy to understand and well written, and of course there is the benefit of watching an adorable litter of Bull Terrier puppies growing up in front of your eyes.



This is such a fantastic program that I have purchased several copies for puppy owners and neighbors so that they can assist me with my future litters. It has completely changed my thoughts and made life with my last litter a breeze and the pups get a giant benefit from it as well.



I've raised 4 litters with Puppy Culture and the truth really is in the puppies! It's the best gift you can give your puppies and new owners.

Belinda Troconis


I recently picked up my 8th Siberian husky at age 9 weeks and immediately started using Puppy Culture protocol exercises on him. I had been visiting him since age 5 weeks and picked up this DVD set before taking him home. I quickly learned that although the Puppy Culture process begins at birth, even puppy buyers can benefit from applying these exercises and games to their new addition. I've lived with Siberian huskies for decades and have an approach that works for the most part, but gained some real insight into ways I can shape behaviors more constructively... Jane also does a great job of offering the WHY rather than just the HOW of a process. As a vertebrate scientist, this is something I needed as I find that I do a better job of finetuning things if I understand the rationale behind the technique...



As a dog lover and dog trainer, this set should be a MUST SEE for all breeders as well as required viewing for all possible puppy owners.

Jeff D.