The Puppy Culture Program for Puppy Owners

You may be asking yourself... the original Puppy Culture film's title is "the Powerful First TWELVE Weeks" of a puppy's life. Is this film really for me?

We get so many people with older (or younger) puppies asking us if Puppy Culture can help them that we compiled a list of Puppy Culture Frequently Asked Questions,as well as a Puppy Owner Guide geared specifically toward Puppy Owners.

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What's in Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture is a guiding hand for you and your puppy.

Our team of experts have bred, raised, and trained thousands of dogs, and we know from first hand experience what works best. We make that vast experience available to you, broken down into clear instructions, in short chapters that are easy and fun to watch. 

How you teach your puppy is as important as what you teach your puppy.

Studies have shown that many common training techniques can actually increase aggression and problem behaviors, which can damage the human-animal bond. The Puppy Culture program will show you how to train your dog while enriching your bond with him, every step of the way.  

Real life proof that it works.

Most puppy training videos appear to have been shot in one weekend, using a few easy-to-train puppies. How do you know those training techniques really work in the long run? Unlike other films, Puppy Culture tracks one litter over three years, so you can see the true results of our program. You’ll see the puppies overcome real and varied behavior challenges and ultimately grow to gentle, well-behaved adult dogs.

The truth about socialization.

During this sensitive time, the puppy is as vulnerable to imprinting negative experiences as he is to imprinting good experiences. This means you need a good plan for socializing your puppy.  Your Puppy Culture team gives you a plan and guides you through the process.

How to be your puppy's advocate.

It can be difficult to stand up to a person in a position of authority, such as a veterinarian or a dog trainer, but you need to learn what’s right and wrong for your puppy, and stand up against bad advice.  Puppy Culture’s veterinarians, behaviorists, and breeders give you the facts to know when you’re right, and the conviction to walk away from anything that might harm your puppy.

  • Socializing Your Puppy

    • How to Hold a Puppy Party

    • How to Recognize Appropriate Playmates

    • How to Find a Good Puppy Class

    • Vaccination vs Socialization 

    • Handling Fear Periods

  • Must-Do Puppy Training

    • Leash Walking

    • Recall

    • Crate Training

    • Potty Training

  • Communication Trinity

    • Training Markers/Clickers

    • Box Game

    • Manding

  • Problem Prevention

    • Aggression

    • Resource Guarding 

    • Aggression

    • Biting and Jumping

All Backed Up With Science!

We’ve brought together a team of leading breeders, veterinarians, and behaviorists to explain the science behind WHY Puppy Culture works so well.

Learn more about our expertsHERE.