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Streaming Video Help Page

If you do not see/hear anything, or if the video plays "choppy" (starts and stops), or if you hear the audio but get a black or green screen for video, please consider some of the technical hardware and software issues below.

Internet Bandwidth

The single most common reason that streaming video will not play correctly is that your local Internet Bandwidth connection is too slow!  This is particularly true for public wifi connections at hotels or restaurants, and cell phone "hotspot" connections.  Regardless of your connection type, the number of computers between yours and the streaming video servers, as well as the prevailing amount of Internet traffic, may affect your effective Internet download speed.  This is particularly true for International guests.

If you are trying to view at a time of day when the Internet is "busy", or if you are logging on from overseas, your effective connection speed may be much slower, which will affect your ability to view the streaming video.  The only solution is to try again later.

To test your local connection bandwidth, click the button below.

Our streaming videos are best viewed on a 1.0 Mbps or higher connection speed. Look at the DOWNLOAD Bandwidth at the SpeedTest link above. If the number is less than 1.0 Mbps, you will likely have trouble getting the stream. You can run the test and send us the results so we can help you determine if this is the issue. 

If the bandwidth test result shows a DOWNLOAD Bandwidth measured in "Kbps" or kilobits per second, you will NOT be able to receive the streaming video.

Slow Connection Solution

Streaming Video is best viewed over DSL, CABLE, Cellular 4G or Satellite service.  Dial-up Internet service will NOT work.  If your connection is too slow, you must relocate to another area, and to a faster connection, in order to receive the streaming video signal.

If you are trying to receive streaming video at work, please note that many businesses use a firewall to protect against viruses and unwanted Internet traffic.  Some firewalls reject streaming video feeds.  You may not be able to view the video stream from behind a firewall! 

Video Plays Choppy

The second most common reason that streaming video will not play is because there is a computer software problem.  In the box below is a printout of the computer and resources that you are using to view this website right now!


We strongly recommend using the Google Chrome Browser for either Mac or PC.

Chrome will properly display our content, especially the video streams, across all platforms. Safari (6.0 or higher) and Internet Explorer (10.0 or higher) will work too.  Earlier versions do not.

Please use Chrome (always works), Safari or Internet Explorer to enjoy this experience!


Check Flash Player

Also, please check your Flash Player version.  You may need to update your Flash Player.  This is done automatically for you, if you are using the Google Chrome Browser software.

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