Frequently Asked Questions

All of them have their advantages but it really depends on your viewing pleasure.  

For some Blu-ray is the only way to go.  The picture quality is in Hi-Def and is just beautiful but that is not to say the DVD is not the same,  in fact you really have to see the two side by side to see the difference.  

Others want to have the advantage of being able to have access on their phone, tablet or laptop so Video on Demand is the choice for them.  Again, remember that you need to have access to an INTERNET connection to view VOD.  

What we have seen some of our customers do is purchase both VOD and a DVD/Blu-ray.  They love the flexibility of being able to sit in the whelping box or watch the instructions on how to teach manding.

The term "video streaming" and "Video on Demand" (VOD)  gets thrown around a lot and can become very confusing.   So to keep things simple and without going into teaching a science course on what it all means we will focus on what's important for you, the viewer, to know.

VOD allows you to view Puppy Culture anywhere on most any device as long as you have a good INTERNET connection.  In fact the way our system works is takes a look at the device you are going to view Puppy Culture with and the available bandwidth (INTERNET connection quality) and determines the best resolution (picture quality) for that situation.  If you happen to be on the go the system will update continuously and make adjustments for picture quality. That is why sometimes you might have a better quality picture than other times.  

For more detailed information on how to make sure you receive the best quality experience check out ourVideo Tech Page.

Absolutely!  As long as you have an INTERNET connect that will allow for streaming video, see our Video Tech Page for more details, you can view Puppy Culture anywhere. 

We use state of the art technology so your viewing experience will be the best on what ever device you are using.  Again, you have to remember that your INTERNET connection has to be reliable. 

Each chapter, like the DVD, is broken down into easy to follow navigation buttons which allows you to jump from one chapter to another or go back and review a specific chapter again and again.


Forever is a long time though:

While we hope that our descendants 1,000 years from now still maintain our streaming site, we have a feeling that they might be too busy running their plutonium ranch on Mars to keep Puppy Culture going.  So, while we are offering you streaming “forever,” there has to be some kind of cap.  If, at any time, Puppy Culture becomes permanently unavailable for streaming, we will offer you the option to download and store your own copy of Puppy Culture.  All the “don’t share” stuff still applies - you will be welcome to enjoy Puppy Culture on two of your own devices.   After that, we can call it good and no one owes anyone anything further.

All of our dvds and Blu-rays are region free and will play in ANY country. 

We ship all over the world using USPS. 

For International Deliveries, we only work with the US Postal Service, and in certain circumstances UPS. 

For more details about shipping and tracking, clickHERE.

Not a problem.  Just clickHEREand you will be directed to the login page where you can have  them emailed to you. 

If for some reason you forget both just clickHEREand send us an email and we will dig them up for you.  Also if you want to change your password just click the "Forgot your Password?" button on the login page and we will send you an email to change your password.

After you registered and paid you should have been redirected to the login page.  Also, you should have received an email with instructions along with your user-name and password as well as a link to the Video on Demand page.  

If you need any help just let us know by either calling 406-370-5787 or click HEREand send us an email and we will get right back to you.

This happens on occasion and what we have found most of the time is that either the INTERNET you are trying to use to view Puppy Culture is just not reliable enough or the device that you are using is the cause.  

We know that this can be very frustrating but don't worry, we will figure it out. First click HEREto view our Video Tech Page and see if you can solve the problem.  If not give us a call at 406-370-5787 or clickHEREand send us an email and we will find a solution.

Though we err on the side of being human we really try hard to make sure that what you ordered shows up correctly.  If for some reason you encounter a problem with your DVD or Blu-ray not working correctly please follow these steps first before contacting us:

  1. If you ordered a Blu-ray make sure you are playing it in a Blu-ray player.   A Blu-ray disc will not play in a standard DVD player or in a computer.
  2. If you are having problems with your Blu-ray discs not playing check to make sure that your player software is up to date.  Most older Blu-ray players have problems playing the newer discs but this can be solved by updating the software of the player. Most of the time you can update your player software through your TV but you will need an INTERNET connection to the TV to do it.
  3. If you put the first DVD or Blu-ray disc in the player and it doesn't work try the other discs first.  If none of them work try them in another player or your computer (if they are DVDs) to eliminate the possibility that it is your player.  If you are still having problems please call us at 406-370-5787 or clickHEREto email us.

If you received the wrong DVDs or they have been damaged during shipment please let us know as soon as possible by clicking HEREand we will do what ever we can to remedy the problem.


As long as you have an INTERNET connect that will allow for streaming video, you can view Puppy Culture anywhere on most devices. See our Video Tech Pagefor more details.

We use state of the art technology so your viewing experience will be the best on what ever device you are using.  Again, you have to remember that you have to have an INTERNET connection and it has to be reliable. 

Currently, we do not offer a downloadable (digital) copy of any of our DVDs.


We have discount bundles as well as quantity discounts on some products with up to 40% off. Just head on over to the SHOP page and check it out. If you have a specific question about discount options you can contact us HERE or call 406 370-5787.