To help you better prepare when filling out the NEW BREEDER APPLICATION FORM, have the following information available before you start.

  • Include at least THREE photos of your litter performing different Puppy Culture protocols, do not submit photos/video of Early Neurological Stimulation. Your photo MUST be of active enrichment/training, such as Manding, Puppy Party, Leash Walking, etc. Photos of generally enriching environments are nice but do not satisfy this requirement. You MUST demonstrate that you are in fact using the Puppy Culture protocols and not just enrichment. Video is not required but recommended.
  • Be as detailed and specific as possible when answering the questions. If this is your first litter using Puppy Culture we realize that some of the questions are not relevant but do your best in observing some of the earlier protocols that you introduced and share the results.
  • (Optional) An image for your Kennel that will be displayed on the directory. This can be your Kennel Logo or a favorite image. This will be visible on the Breeders Directory Map.

If you start your NEW BREEDER APPLICATION FORM and need more time to finish, your data will be saved, and is accessible for 30 days.

Only use the "UPDATE YOUR EXISTING APPLICATION" form to update an EXISTING Breeder Application that has been approved and is listed on the WORLDWIDE BREEDER MAP.